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Movie review: 'The Butler' gives White House servant's view of times from Eisenhower to Obama

Struzan is the artist behind some of the most iconic hand-painted movie posters of all time, from the Star Wars Kim Kardashian hot photos franchise to the Back to the Future movies to the Indiana Jones films. (He also did The Goonies, the Harry Potter movies, E.T., Hook ... flip through this gallery for a flashback.) It was only a matter of time before Struzan received the documentary treatment. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster features interviews with some of his very famous fans, including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford and Guillermo del Toro. Here's the trailer: <!--iframe--> Most of today's movie posters seem like bad Photoshop jobs and aren't terribly awe-inspiring. Next to Struzan's detailed and remarkable work, they look 100 times worse. I had the url pleasure of interviewing Struzan many years ago, and it was so exciting to hear stories about his relationships with some of my favorite movies.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/popcandy/2013/08/16/drew-struzan/2664217/

see nothing" and only serve, but Mr. Whitaker allows us to sense the emotions behind his placid face and restrained body language. When, at home, he briefly erupts, the anger is that much more powerful because it's so rare. It's hard to ever forget Oprah is Oprah (this is what happens when performers are so much in the public eye) and her Gloria looks lost at a home sewing machine. But she has an awards-show moment when she's applying lipstick and drunkenly challenging her husband about how he divides his time and loyalties. The casting is both an embarrassment of riches and occasional case of stunt hiring gone awry as with Mariah Carey as young Cecil's mother, Robin Williams as President Eisenhower and Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. Even with brown contacts, a red dress and brown hair, she's too tall and too Jane Fonda.
Source: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/movie-reviews/movie-review-the-butler-gives-a-white-house-servants-view-of-the-times-from-eisenhower-to-obama-699535/

The Difference Between a Good Movie and an Important One: The Butler

In fact most successful people dont even see failure; they see a result that didnt have the intended outcome. 3. How does somebody know what they want if they havent even seen it? Steve Jobs didnt believe in focus Kim Kardashian workout routine groups. Actually, he avoided them like the plague.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2013/08/16/10-powerful-quotes-from-the-steve-jobs-movie-and-what-they-teach-us-about-leadership/

Chatwing Announces Movie Chat Network Possibility in Three Months

"Ashton walked into the first meeting already channeling Steve Jobs," he told CNN. "He had the mannerisms; he'd studied hundreds of hours. He knew from that first meeting that I needed to take away evidence that he could play the part." Kutcher's total immersion into the character was so complete that Stern walked away from the actor with newfound respect. "He studied the guy; he lived in his skin every day, which wasn't the easiest place to live, and I really respect him quite a bit. He gave everything he had, and more than anything I knew that this role was important to him. And when something's important to you no matter what you do, you're going to give it everything you have." Despite those efforts, "jOBS" has faced criticism ahead of its release date, from Kutcher's casting on down. The biopic was originally slated to bow in April, but was bumped back to August reportedly so the studio could have a longer marketing push. Reviews, thus far, have been mixed, and then there are those questioning its timing.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/15/showbiz/movies/ashton-kutcher-steve-jobs-movie

Becoming Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher on his movie transformation

Whitaker's combination of humiliation and held-back dignity when Cecil is turned down for a raise is as subtle as it is masterful. And when The Butler forgoes serving up its contrived and over-cooked race heart-to-hearts, it manages to create some authentic "A-Ha Moments." In the beginning of the film, Cecil explains what it was like to be a black man in the 1920s: "Any white man could kill any of us at any time and not be punished for it. The law was not on our side. The law was against us." The moment reverberates through the theater, and the long nine decades of work and resistance between the bad old 1920s Cecil describes and the 2010s of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin seem like only the start of an ever-ongoing struggle. The Butler regularly Kim Kardashian heels reminds us of how far we have come in terms of race relations and equality and then knocks us on the ass with how far we haven't come. Daniels said one of his challenges was "not making the film feel self-important," but that's ridiculous.
Source: http://gawker.com/the-difference-between-a-good-movie-and-an-important-on-1156028432

The movie chat network is expected to bring in more web users. The chat network feature was considered as one of the turning points of the Chatwing chat app. Many users have emphasized that the chat networks can increase the rate of traffic in any website. Within a specified chat network, web users can discuss anything they wantas long as the topics are related to the networks niche. Chatwings chat networks are also essential in reaching important target audiences. In any chat network, Chatwing users can share their own chat rooms , websites, blogs, and even forums. The window for the creation of the movie chat network is up to three months, since we have other features coming up, Says Mike Diamond, a lead developer for Chatwing. They can talk about lots of stuff in the movie chat network.
Source: http://www.sfgate.com/business/press-releases/article/Chatwing-Announces-Movie-Chat-Network-Possibility-4741026.php

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